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Channel 15 Sonora Living Morning News Video

Had the most amazing opportunity five years ago to be featured on Channel 15 Sonora Living Morning News Show featuring my Vintage Scottsman travel trailer and Shabby Rose Decor Applique's.

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About Me

My Background

I always have enjoyed going to Antique Markets and finding treasures for my home and to fix up. I could not find Applique's for my furniture other than the ones they sell at the local Hardware stores. I was determined to make them myself. Over 10 yrs ago I started Shabby Rose Decor and with almost a year of research and trial and error I was able to make Shabby Rose Decor Applique's from molds to final product and have been doing it ever since.

How I Got Started

With the furniture I would find at markets or flea markets I would personally make each piece one of a kind. Our Applique's that we  sell.  our customers love them! With our Applique's  you are able to pick out the specific Applique's of your desire for your furniture transformation!

Now you can turn your furniture into your own design using Shabby Rose Decor Applique's, 

My Style

My style you would say is Shabby Chic mixed with Victorian and Farmhouse. I love unique finds, one of a kind. 

I've restored three Vintage Trailers and each one has been a little different. In each trailer I have always used Shabby Rose Decor Applique's in them to display  how beautiful they can look on just about anything!

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