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With love and determination to create beautiful Appliques, our Furniture Embellishments are Handmade upon ordering!

 Very easy to use.

About Shabby rose decor appliques


A photo of Shabby Chic Furniture with Custom Furniture Appliques Embellishments

Shabby Rose Decor Applique’s are made out of high quality flexible and durable material. Every Applique is hand inspected and edged prior to delivery to you. My Applique’s are not brittle and will not break if dropped.  These Applique’s come in white as shown and they can be painted or stained to your liking or distressed to go with your Shabby Decor. My Furniture Applique’s are handmade in my home, from the molds to the finished product. There may be some slight imperfections.  Mounting your Appliques is very simple. Just apply a small amount of wood glue or liquid nail to the back of the Applique or Onlay and apply pressure when adhering to your item. Our Furniture Embellishments are flexible if desired for surfaces that have curves. Now they are ready to be painted or stained to your liking. Allow them to adhere for a few hours before painting.  they can be easily applied to furniture or any decor to your liking. 


Cherubs with Rose Swag Custom Furniture Applique Onlay Embellishments

With the furniture I would find at markets, second hand stores and garage sales, I would personally make each piece one of a kind by adding Shabby Rose Decor Appliques/Furniture Embellishments that I make. Our customers love them! With our Appliques Onlay you are able to purchase the specific Applique of your choice for your furniture projects.

Now you can turn anything into your own design using Shabby Rose Decor Appliques!

Cabinets, dressers, headboard and foot-boards, picture frames, benches, end tables, coffee tables, chairs, kitchen tables the list is endless!


A photo of owner of Shabby Rose Decor in her vintage shabby chic diy camper.

My style you would say is Shabby Chic mixed with Victorian and Cottage . I love unique finds, one of a kind. 

I've restored three Vintage Trailers and currently working on my forth one a 1947 Mainline, this one has been a little different. In each trailer I have always used Shabby Rose Decor Appliques/Furniture Embellishments/Onlays on them, to display how beautiful they can look on just about anything! :o)

Channel 15 Morning New Show and Shabby Rose decor Appliques

I had the privilege to be asked to join Teri Ouellette ABC Channel 15 in Arizona. I shared decorative uses for Shabby Rose Decor Appliques. Furniture Embellishments when applied they make a huge difference ! Also my vintage trailer that was in Romantic Homes Magazine along with our Appliques Onlay were used throughout the inside of the trailer.

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